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Introduction to CDs21

Welcom to CDs21 Solutions Home Page !

What is CDs21 Solutions ?

The CDs21 Solutions made a start in April, 2001. It is a voluntary association organized to promote CDs (compact discs) which have developed into diversified types.

The CD made its debut in 1982 as an audio medium to take over conventional records. Since then CDs of various standards have come up including photo CD, CD-ROM, video CD, and CD-R/RW, each provided with an interactive function, to take the lead in the field of multimedia and IT. Various bodies to promote the respective standards have been set up accordingly.

The CDs21 Solutions is a new body created by merger of the Multimedia CD Consortium (MMCD), so far promoting CD-i and Video CD, and the Orange Forum (OSJ) specifically focusing on CD-R/RW among these standards.

We at CDs21 Solutions aim at further progress of the CD media which still have plentiful potentiality. We are determined to do our best to contribute to the realization of affluence in the heart of people by continuing studies of the new industrial sector represented by IT.

August 2001 CDs21 Solutions