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Introduction to CDs21

Basic Idea in Founding the CDs21 Solutions

The CD, or Compact Disc, which debuted in 1982 as a package medium and was succeeded by CD-ROM for data use and Video CD for video use, has made remarkable progress through merger with CD-R/RW, a recording medium characterized by retaining the compatibility with those CD members.

Due to its vast range of utility, the CD family has now fully integrated itself into our everyday life to create a new culture and is still advancing as a platform on a global scale.

On the other hand, the significant development in recent years of communication technologies represented by the broad band is greatly affecting our daily life as well as the existing business surroundings. The rapidly and increasingly changing environment with the arrival of the 21st century is likely to offer new business opportunities to such sectors of industry that are promoting their own businesses based on the CDs.

The task of CDs21 Solutions being organized against this background should be centered on providing truly useful information relevant to those CD-platform-based businesses that contain a variety of elements, such as hardware, disc media, distributions, services, contents making, environmental and social issues. CDs21 Solutions should thus strive to promote them for their further progress.

With the principles for action announced as under at the outset, CDs21 Solutions shall move forward so that it may contribute to the realization of affluence in the heart of people. This is our basic idea in setting up the association.
- To pursue ever more development of the industrial sector concerned by striving to closely unite the technology and the contents in the area of CD platform as well as by looking into future technologies.
- To aim for the creation of a new AV culture which can further enrich the life of people.
- To promote the development of mutual businesses by fostering an environment where the knowledge and information can be shared by all as a common property.

April 2001CDs21 Solutions
Heitaro Nakajima, Chairman