It is highly commendable that in working out a media writer format for the "CD-R System", a recordable CD, the following groups greatly endeavored to bring about a final success. Especially, it is significant that full compatibility with the CD has been achieved leading to an explosive spread of the CD-R today.

Up to the realization of this system, there had been many difficulties to be overcome in the way such as dealing properly with software and hardware industry sectors reluctant to the introduction of a new system as well as solving the key technological issue on full compatibility with the CD. Nevertheless, the group members' uncompromising pioneering spirits finally resolved these problems and have realized the present system. Thus a new business has been opened up along with the creation of a new culture.

Now, with high respects to the group members' challenging spirits and successful achievements, the first Nakajima Heitaro Prize is awarded to this group.
・Media Development :
  Dr. Emiko Hamada, Dr.Tad Ishiguro(TAIYO YUDEN CO.,LTD) and their group
・CD-R Writer Development :
  Mr.Hiroshi Ogawa(Sony Corporation) and his group
・CD-R Format Development :
  Dr.Jacques Heemskerk(Philips) and his group
The awardee cited here has long devoted to the promotion of the multi-media CD from the contents making and marketing standpoint. He has much contributed to the creation of the needs for the CD as a package medium through the promotion and spread of CD-i, CD-ROM and Video-CD.

Moreover, his activities for promoting the multi-media CD have led to the active use of the CD-R in the contents making field, stimulating the demands for the CD-R as a distribution medium for the contents in small amounts. Thus he has made greatly for the development of the new CD culture.
Awardee  Mr. Koji Yada (HICOM Corp.)