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The First Occasion of "Nakajima Heitaro Prize"
newly founded by CDs21 Solutions

The first awardees are those associated with the CD-R system development: Dr. Tad Ishiguro, Dr. Emiko Hamada (TAIYO YUDEN Co.), Mr. Hiroshi Ogawa (Sony Corp.) and Dr. Jacques Heemskerk (Philips) including their respective groups. Concurrently, a Special Prize was awarded to Mr. Koji Yada (HICOM Corp.)

As a voluntary association CDs21 Solutions (Secretary Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Dr. Heitaro Nakajima) has been promoting full standardization of the CD standards, centering on the CD-R/CD-RW, along with the promotion of accompanying business models. This time the association has founded the "Nakajima Heitaro Prize" designed to commend individuals, enterprises and organizations who have made significant social contributions in terms of R & D and spread of the CD media. The first prize awarding ceremony was held on April 17 at Meiji Memorial Hall, Motoakasaka, Tokyo.

The Nakajima Heitaro Prize is named after Dr. H. Nakajima who is called "Father of CD" for his success in sound digitization for the first time in Japan. The prize has been set up to be awarded once a year to those cited above for their activities and achievements. The nomination procedure is to be gone through on the fiscal year basis (from April 1 to the end of next March) and the nominees can be picked up broadly from the industrial field, not limiting to the CDs21 Solutions membership.

Regarding the first awardees for fiscal 2003, the following four persons were nominated for the reason that in developing a media writer format for the CD-R system, a recordable CD, they had succeeded in achieving full compatibility with existing CDs leading to an explosive spread of the CD-R today.

Dr. Tad Ishiguro, Dr. Emiko Hamada (TAIYO YUDEN Co.),
Mr. Hiroshi Ogawa (Sony Corp.) and Dr. Jacques Heemskerk (Philips, Holland)

More specifically, up to the realization of the CD-R system, there had been many difficulties to be overcome in the way such as dealing appropriately with software and hardware industry sectors reluctant to the introduction of a new system as well as solving the key technological issue on full compatibility with the CD.
Nevertheless, their uncompromising pioneering spirits finally resolved these problems and have realized the present system. Thus a new business has been opened up along with the creation of a new culture.

Moreover, on the same occasion of the prize awarding ceremony, a Special Prize was awarded to Mr. Koji Yada at HICOM Corp. who has long devoted to the promotion of the multimedia CD from the contents making and marketing standpoint. Acknowledged is his contribution to digging up the needs for CDs as package media through the promotion and spread of the CD-i, CD-ROM and Video-CD.

CDs21 Solutions as a voluntary body was set up in April 2001 through collaborative merger of Multimedia CD Consortium and the Orange Forum, both of which were thus disbanded at the time. It is a global body existing across the CD associated business sectors in a complex manner.
CDs21 Solutions is striving toward ever more improvement of compatibility among product groups that comply with the CD standards, such as media (discs), hardware and software as well as many other application products including contents making. Its activity further encompasses the promotion and spread of CD associated services to aim at contributions to the whole industry and users concerned.
At present, CDs21 Solutions has the membership of 77 firms (domestic 53, overseas 24).

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