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Privacy Policy

We at CDs21 Solutions recognize the importance of personal information collected from individuals visiting our Web site as well as personal and corporate information collected from CDs21 members. We regard it as our important responsibility to keep this sort of information under thorough protection. To this end, we have set up the following policy on privacy for full practicing in our daily activities. (CDs21: short for CDs21 Solutions)

1. Collection of personal information from individuals, personal and corporate information from CDs21 membership (hereafter referred to as "private information" ) :
- CDs21 Solutions may collect private information in a fair and lawful manner within the scope of need so as to be able to offer useful information to its members. In practice, such collection shall be implemented by defining the purpose of collection wherever possible.
- Safety measures shall be taken in a pertinent and rational way to provide against all risks including illegal external access, missing, destruction and falsification, thereby ensuring thorough protection of private information.

2. Management and protection of private information :
- Management of private information shall be performed carefully and appropriately while preventing disclosure to the outside.

3. Utilization of private information :
- Private information shall be utilized within the scope required for the development of CDs21 Solutions. Due consideration shall be given at the same time not to infringe the rights of CDs21 membership.
- For those who have offered private information to CDs21 Solutions, there may be a case that CDs21 may send them so-called contents information prepared based on such information. In this instance, should the provider of the original information wish to suspend, revise or modify the contents distributed via e-mail, CDs21 Solutions would respond and take a proper measure accordingly.

4. Disclosure or offering of private information to third parties :
CDs21 Solutions shall never disclose, offer or leave private information to a third party except for any of the following cases.
(1) When an individual or CDs21 member concerned has given his or her consent.
(2) When disclosure will be made under the condition that an individual or CDs21 member concerned is unidentifiable.
(3) When disclosure is required to comply with the applicable law or ordinance.

5. This privacy policy shall be reviewed from time to time to keep up with changes of the information environment, the times and the information management. In this way CDs21 Solutions aims at appropriate operation of the policy in terms of protection and management of private information.

6. Any inquiry for what is enumerated above is requested to be directed to :
CDs21 Solutions Secretary Office,E-mail :