Global Production of CD-R Discs
Reaches 10 billion in 2003

CD-R Becomes the Greatest Recording Medium in History!

 May 18, 2004, Tokyo, Japan: CDs21 Solutions (Secretariat: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Dr. Heitaro Nakajima) today announced the results of a recent survey indicating that the global production of CD-R discs exceeded 10 billion units for the first time in 2003. The body, a voluntary association, works to promote the adoption of CD standards and their accompanying business models, centering on the CD-R/CD-RW formats. Of the total production, it was estimated that 89%, or 9.2 billion and fifty thousand discs, were produced in Asia. Of these, Japan produced 8%; Taiwan 52%; India 11%; and others including China, 18%. It was also estimated that 9%, or 0.9 billion and forty thousand discs, were produced in Europe and 2%, or 0.2 billion and one thousand discs, were manufactured in the US. Total global production was 10.4 billion discs.

 The large production of discs in 2003 can be partially attributed to the huge level of trust that CD-R has gained globally as a recording medium. In particular, however, it is clear that the development efforts of manufacturers to achieve compatibility, cost reduction, and higher-speed drives have been vitally important factors. In addition, there were changes to the environment surrounding the usage of discs that can also be cited as reasons for the growth. These included the increased popularity and adoption of drives, the expansion of disc applications, improved infrastructure, and increased opportunity for use among users.

 Taking a closer look at this popularity, we can see that the CD-R has become ubiquitous thanks to its flexibility. The discs are used for music, PCs and video CDs, and data can be exchanged on a variety of Operating Systems such as Windows, Macintosh and UNIX. Secondly, most computers today come with a CD-ROM drive as standard, and the price of a single disc has fallen to roughly 50 yen. Thirdly, the speed of reading from and writing onto discs has reached up to 48 times. In addition, as a recording medium it is possible to save picture, text, and other data files equivalent to as many as 400 floppy disks, or 650 MB. As digital cameras continue to offer higher resolution and larger memories, applications for saving and distributing the data are also increasing. Finally, CD-R is compatible with CD-DA, allowing individuals to produce their own CDs for playback on CD players.

 Once a CD-R disc has been recorded it can never be changed, preventing accidental erasure of valuable data. The discs are extremely useful for backing up or distributing important business documents and picture data. This feature, as a write once recording medium, is a great characteristic of CD-R that has created specific needs amongst users, bringing success in business and helping it to become the "greatest recording medium in history." At present, it is approved for use as an electronic file at public organizations, etc. mainly in Europe and the U.S. It can be said, therefore, that the CD-R has painted afresh the history of recording media where rewriting was once considered a matter of course.

 In order to achieve the great potential shown by CD-R for growth in many fields, CDs21 Solutions plans to actively contribute to the development of R (write once media) by enlightening users on how to get the most out of CD-R in our ever evolving IT society.
■What is CDs21?
 CDs21 Solutions was established in April 2001. It is a voluntary association organized to promote CDs (compact discs), which have diversified into a variety of types. The CD made its debut in 1982 as an audio medium to replace conventional records. Since then CDs of various standards have appeared, including photo CD, CD-ROM, video CD, and CD-R/RW. Each standard had an interactive function to take the lead in the field of multimedia and IT. Various bodies have been created to promote these respective standards. CDs21 Solutions is a new body created through the merger of the Multimedia CD Consortium (MMCD), so far promoting CD-I and Video CD, and the Orange Forum (OSJ) specifically focused on CD-R/RW.

 While centering on promoting the spread of CD-R/RW, the CDs21 Solutions' activities also include testing of the compatibility and life of respective CD-R/RW, setting of various optical card guidelines, research into recordable optical discs, environmental study groups, study of security in recorded data, and an exchange with foreign countries. Included further is the sponsorship of the "Heitaro Nakajima Prize" that awards individuals, enterprises and organizations contributing to the research and development of the CD as well as the spread and promotion of the CD business.

 As of April 2004, CDs21 Solutions has the membership of 68 firms: 47 Japanese firms including mainly household electrical products manufacturers, and 21 overseas firms from Taiwan, South Korea, China, India, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Greece, and America.
For inquiry/membership participation, please contact:
Secretary Office, CDs21 Solutions
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