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◆ Contents of "Nakajima Heitaro Prize" ◆
Awarding : Awarding once a year
Time frame : On the fiscal year basis (from April 1 to the end of next March)
Nomination committee : To be composed of representatives of CDs21 Solutions membership, one each from the respective field of profession (media, drive, authoring, contents making, sales, promotion, etc.)
Application procedure : Submission of a specified application form to the nomination committee. Either a CDs21 Solutions member or nonmember is applicable as a nomination candidate through other members' recommendation.
Substance of prize : (1)Nakajima Heitaro Prize 2003
(2)Nakajima Heitaro Prize: Special Prize
Any other particular prize may be set up extraordinarily if and when deemed appropriate by providing the discretional power to the Nomination Committee.
A final decision shall be left to the Nomination Committee. The instance of no prize candidate is also possible in any fiscal year.
Inquiries/Membership application
Secretary Office, CDs21 Solutions 
c/o Philips Japan Ltd. Philips Bldg., 13-37, Konan 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8507
TEL:03-3740-4592 FAX:03-3740-5152  W. Fujihira in charge

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