System Requirements for CD-R Recording
A system for recording CD-R discs should have the following hardware and a software.

Hardware: Personal Computer, CD-R drive, SCSI board

Software: Writing software

PC: Personal Computer

When CD-R discs are created by recordable system, the most important factors is data transfer speed.
Data transfer speed: Normal = 150KB/sec., 2X = 300KB/sec, 4X = 600KB/sec.The PC specification, including CPU and hard disc performance, should cover these speeds in addition to what the CD-R drive requires.

CD-R drive:

This CD-R drive is equipment for recording CD-R discs.
A double speed type (:2X) and quadruple speed type (:4X) etc. are available.


This is a writing software to convert the CD format such as ISO 9660 (:writing format) and to control the CD-R drive when writing in the CD-R disc. There are various types of CD formats.
An optimum format should be chosen according to the data content and personal computer environment.