What is CD-R

Facing an age of a real multimedia, requirements for a large capacity recording media to store images, audio sounds and data are greatly increasing. Many manufacturers have announced various types of large capacity recording media, such as CD-R, MO disks, phase change optical discs and so on. In particular, CD-R has quickly attracted popular attention, as a high-light of the large capacity recording media in a new age.

CD-R is formally referred to as "Compact Disc Recordable", which means recordable CD. Actually the CD-R can be played back with a music CD player and the CD-ROM drive, like ordinary pressed CD versions.

CD-R can record data only once, in other words, can neither erase nor rewrite the written data(however, possible to add data on the disc), while most other media can be rewritten. In this respect, CD-R has a great feature differing from other products.

Based on these facts, the CD-R is said to be the optimal media for distributing application, making use of existing CD infra-structures, and storage application, utilizing indelible and tamper-proof write-only characteristics.

    Recorded side

    Recorded side

    CD-R and CD Internal Structure