Features of CD-RW
Large-capacity recording

As with the CD-ROM and CD-R, a single disc can record approximately 650MB of data. (a 74-minute disc at mode 1 recording).
This capacity is equivalent to approximately 450 floppy disks.

CD-ROM compatibility
A recorded CD-RW disc can be read by CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives with MultiRead capability.
While it is able to record data in the same manner as a CD-R disc, unlike CD-Rs, which can only be written to once, data no longer needed can be erased from a CD-RW and overwritten. Thus, it is well suited for such applications as editing of CDs and CD-ROMs.
High reliability
Because the recording heads never make contact with the disc, the disc is not scratched during recording or playback. Thus recorded data does not suffer any damage.
The CD-RW can be used for recording 1,000 or more times.
Random access
As with the CD-R, random access is possible, so the desired data can be accessed rapidly.
This enables speedy data searches from a database.
With packet write software to enable overwriting, data processing in a manner similar to floppy disks is enabled.