Structure of the CD-RW System
Sample Structure of General System for CD-RW Recording

Personal computer, CD-RW drive, Drive with SCSI requires SCSI interface board.

Software: Writing software

Media (disc): CD-RW media (Orange Book Part III)

Personal computers:

The most important factor when recording with CD-RW media is its data transmission speed.
The CD-RW is presently a 2X drive, but its function as a CD-R has also been considered, giving it 150KB/sec at 1X speed and 300KB/sec and 2X speed, as well as 600KB/sec at 4X speed. CD-RW drives will need specifications that cover widest possible range of specifications in terms of CPUs, hard disk capacity and so on.

CD-R/RW drive:

A device for recording on CD-RW discs. When using CD-RW media, writing, reading and erasure is performed as a CD-RW. When using CD-R media, writing and reading is performed as a CDR drive.


This software is for writing, to enable data to be converted into the CD format, and to control the CD-RW drive while it writes the data to the CD-RW disc.
There are a variety of different formats for writing to the CD-RW. These are classified according to the contents of the written data or the environment in which the personal computer is used.